COVID Vaccine Efforts Update: Small Study, But Positive Results — At Moderna…

As we had hoped, when we bought at around $34 in early February, this well-run, well disciplined life science wonder-child is starting to really pay off. More importantly, the possibility that we could have over a billion doses of an effective vaccine — by this time next year looks more and more. . . probable.

It must be shared, world-wide — at cost, though. That’s a moral imperative. The central question will be logistics, and whether multiple other manufacturers will be offered a non-exclusive, co-licensed right/agree to run full-on production, flat out, on essentially all the sophisticated vaccine facilities’ lines. . . now in existence. I think a new US Administration, appealing to the industry’s higher purpose, will get it done. And I think the nobler instincts of the EU, China and Japan — and the UK will come to the fore.

That is my hope. This is the likely safest way we find our way out, of these death-darkened times. Here is is the report from Reuters, among many others reporting this morning:

. . . .The data are from eight people who took part in a safety trial that kicked off in March as the global pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus was spreading.

In the trial of 45 volunteers, conducted by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, eight volunteers who got two doses of the vaccine produced protective antibodies roughly on par with people who recovered from a natural infection of the virus that causes the COVID-19 illness, the U.S. biotechnology company said in a news release.

The study, which was not designed to prove the vaccine works, offered an early glimmer of hope that it could provide protection against the virus. . . .

Again — just green shoots, but the task before us no longer looks. . . out of reach. Together, we will solve this. And, in the mean time, be excellent to one another — wear your mask — as the river runs through it. . . .


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  1. […] Crickets. [And by June 1, we will have over 100,000 deaths in the US — more than double John’s original “expert” conjecture, for the entire pandemic. We are at least nine months away from a vaccine; more deaths ahead, even with Moderna’s great news, this morning.] […]

  2. Great news about Moderna ! Hopefully this will be a lifesaver drug ! Speaking of Reuter’s is there any progress on the Propecia/Finesteride case ? I am sure you remember the circumstances where last September they threw up a red flag about the court proceedings. Just wanted to see if there was any progress on this allegation. Thanks !

    • Thanks Kevin — no, nothing really new on the public federal court docket in Brooklyn on Propecia. Here is the latest filing, on one case where the plaintiff wants to stay in federal court in Brooklyn, but Merck wants it sent back to his home state court in Florida. In many other individual cases, these individual state court suits continue toward trial(s) but are hard to cover due to minimal electronic (internet) docketing. And. . . the company has replaced Propecia with new drug products which have crowded finasteride out (think Keytruda here) — see the latest SEC Forms 10-K and 10-Q — in which Propecia is no longer mentioned at all, because it is not material to Merck.

      So it goes. . . stay safe man!

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