[U] With Video To Come, Sunday: Stay At Home, Night-Time Sidewalk [Kid-Safe!] Science Extravaganza…

UPDATED — Saturday morning. The internet video I saw was. . . faked. The kid switched out his materials — making people think he’d used the ingredients at right, but he was actually using ammonium dichromate. Not safe for kids; not available — except at industrial chemist outlets, for non-retail sale. Hilarious. End update.

It will require close parental supervision, but in order to blunt what seems the endless torrents of negative news. . .

I will offer a bit of a mystery.

Grind these ingredients, separately, in a coffee grinder, then mix in a paper bowl.

Have a 20 inch by 20 inch sheet of heavy duty foil at the ready, laid out on the sidewalk. . .

Anchor the sheet with rocks at the corners, so it won’t blow away. . .

Then wait until it is fairly dark out.

This is educational — and spectacular — science, to engage the kids. More on Sunday night — will post a video of kidlets enjoying it all. Onward! [Can you guess where this is headed? One ingredient is. . . missing. Smile. . . .]


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