Simple Damning Facts: Trump Said On Video Flynn “Lied” To Pence — About Being A Foreign Agent, While Getting Named US National Security Advisor

I don’t give a damn about Bill Barr’s late arriving gray-wash of the matter. [Don’t lose. . . the over-arching truth here.]

The man [Flynn] was — by his own written admissions — and materially false required government disclosures about foreign payments — lying to VP Pence. . . while National Security Advisor, for Trump. He was on the payroll of a “frenemy” government — one that attacked US troops. Trump said he fired Flynn for lying — to Pence. It is on video.

Oh, and he pled guilty twice to lying to federal agents. That was to avoid the above, near-treason charges.

So, no I don’t give a crap about Barr’s craven politics here. Both of these men are guilty — guilty of crimes against our nation.

Out — fast; and furious.


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