Updating — Trump’s Folly: Malaria Drug Increasing Mortality, At VA Hospital, In Virginia.

UPDATED 04.21.2020 @ 6:45 PM EDT: Let’s put a stop to this nonsense. Trump is wrong. It is… pure quackery. End update.

For the moment, I will withhold the source / link for this story, as I work to verify that it is not yet another Q-Anon disinformation salvo.

I will watch closely, for MORE RELIABLE news outlets on it — and if legit, I’ll link it, even if it is originally from a very-nutty fringe-right wing blog source. I support science — real science, and if this proves Trump right, so be it. If it proves him wrong — also. . . so be it:

. . . .South Dakota has secured access to a large number of doses of Hydroxychloroquine from the national stockpile to conduct a series of tests, in conjunction with some of the Midwest’s major hospital groups.

There will be two tracks: one will test Hydroxychloroquine among those who have tested positive for COVID-19 and have been hospitalized. The second will be prophylactic, testing the drug among high-risk populations that have not been hospitalized, like health care workers. This will be a double-blind study that begins with a clinical trial involving 2,000 patients, but could be expanded to as many as 100,000. This study will tell us more about the effectiveness of Hydroxychloroquine than any other study has done, to my knowledge, to date. . . .

So it goes. The only close one, at ClinicalTrials.gov — is being run out of Singapore; Identifier: NCT04342156. So. . . I remain duly skeptical. But onward, just the same.

Sunny now, after two inches of. . . overnight snow — in mid-April. Crazy; grin.


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