Update On Immigration “No Public Charge” Order From Trump — Back At The Supremes, Tonight…

New York again seeks to halt enforcement of Trump’s lawless order.

Here it is. More later. And, just a bit:

. . . .By deterring immigrants from accessing publicly funded healthcare, including programs that would enable immigrants to obtain testing and treatment for COVID-19, the Rule makes it more likely that immigrants will suffer serious illness if infected and spread the virus inadvertently to others—risks that are heightened because immigrants make up a large proportion of the essential workers who continue to interact with the public.

The Rule also deters access to public benefits, including nutrition benefits, that are critical for both immigrants and the country as a whole to weather the economic crisis triggered by COVID-19. These irreparable harms have tipped the balance of the equities decidedly against maintaining the stay during the national emergency concerning COVID-19. . . .

Smile — onward.


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