Cute Easter [Bioscience] ‘Do: A Mendelian-Inspired Cross — Baby “Zonkey”, In Kenya!

Ahem. We need more positive, life affirming smile infused imagery, this Easter.

In addition to watching the Bocelli live Youtube event, now archived, as “Music for Hope“. . . consider this rare appearance in mountainous Kenya. . . of a cross between a donkey, and a zebra. Totally cute:

. . . .A zebra at the Chyulu Hills National Park in Kenya was recently found with a peculiar-looking foal by her side. It had stripes, but they weren’t dark and barely covered her body.

When caregivers at the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, an animal rescue and rehabilitation organization, examined the foal up close, they were excited to discover it wasn’t a zebra after all — but a zonkey, a zebra-donkey hybrid. . . .

[The latest Texas lunacy animated this post.] Onward — grinning, even so. Large [~35 person] fam Zoom call, tonight. Be excellent to one another. . . .


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