Now @ 25 Plunges — To Jupiter’s Cloud Tops: In A Copper-Clad Skin; Twisting — And All Is Well…

Very shortly, we should hear that Juno is relaying data streams back to a dish sitting in the Australian Outback — since Jupiter has already set, here in the Northern Hemisphere. Lord Jupiter is below our horizion now, and radio needs. . . “line of sight“.

And with that ping, we will know that she has survived another trip into the furnace — another of her oh so close encounters, with the massive Lord Jupiter:

. . . .April 10 — Happening now: I’m passing low over the cloud tops of Jupiter, as simulated here by the @nasa_eyes visualization.

Current speed relative to Jupiter: 128,000 mph (206,000 kilometers per hour) and rising.

Get the latest mission news at . . .

Smiling, in isolation — but in softly warming sunshine, smiling just the same here, now. . . as the dish in Madrid, Spain links in, listening to Juno.


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