Surprising No One, The 3.2 Million [All Time Record!] Jobless Claims… Were Partially Avoidable — As Were Many Of The Deaths.

It must be said: most of this morning’s economic carnage — and at least some of these COVID-19 fatalities — were. . . avoidable.

Trump simply refused. He refused — for a month or more — solely because he knew it would hurt his chances. . . in the fall. Now I think he has fallen, in truth — he is doubly-damned. He’s reaping the whirlwind of his delays, and fecklessness. And sadly, so are we all. From The Hill / Politico:

. . . .The 69-page document, obtained by Politico, lays out step-by-step responses to a pandemic, such as implementing directives on workplace safety and procurement of safety equipment.

The Trump administration has failed to follow multiple recommendations, Politico noted, and is only just now taking some steps directed for the early days of the coronavirus’s spread. . . .

Under the NSC timeline, the Trump administration in late January should have begun issuing directives aimed at “coordination of workforce protection activities including. . . [personal protective equipment] determination, procurement and deployment,” according to the report. Such actions have only been recently implemented.

A request for congressional funding to combat the pandemic, the timeline further dictates, should have taken place a month before it happened. . . .

Disgusting, indeed. Onward. That said, please donate blood — if you are able.


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