Psst. Confidential To Trump: Court-Ordered DNA Parentage Tests… Mean Exactly… That.

So. . . Trump’s team thinks federal court orders are mere. . . suggestions. Options, ideas — to be employed only if it feels [in its own discretion] the cost is. . . worth it. Who are these people? They propose to take children from their parents, without conducting a DNA test — based on the agents’ mere “suspicion” of fraud?! What. The. Actual. Hell?

This is lunacy — from the Trumpians.

Read the middle ten pages, from the bottom of page twelve, onward of the status report just filed.

I won’t spoil the below good karma / mood off-world with a pull quote, until Friday morning — but the parties are due back before the able UDSC Judge Sabraw tomorrow afternoon. I. Don’t. Think. He’ll. Like. This. One. Damn. Bit.

Onward. Pissed.


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