[U: Perseverance!] Good News Delivery! Ebola On The Wane; New Mars 2020 Rover… Name Revealed [As Picked By… School-Kids!]

First, encouragingly — due to the hard work of health care professionals, night and day — on the ground — there were no new cases of Ebola reported in the DRC in the last 15 days, so. . . in 28 more days, the current outbreak will be declared. . . over. Finally, some relief there.

And. . . as we mentioned back in January, NASA ran a public relations campaign / contest to name the Mars 2020 rover. STEM kids from all over compiled a list of nine finalist names. This afternoon — at a press conference, the final name will be announced. Very cool; see here:

. . . .NASA will unveil the name of the agency’s next Mars rover, currently known as Mars 2020, during a live event on NASA Television at 1:30 p.m. EST Thursday, March 5, followed by a media teleconference at 3:30 p.m. about the mission and the naming.

In addition to airing live on NASA Television, the event will stream live on Facebook, Ustream, YouTube, Twitter, NASA Television, and the agency’s website.

The Mars 2020 rover was the subject of a nationwide naming contest in 2019 that drew more than 28,000 essays by K-12 students from every U.S. state and territory. Nearly 4,700 volunteer judges – educators, professionals, and space enthusiasts from around the country – helped narrow the pool down to 155 semifinalists. A second round of judging selected the nine finalist essays that were open to an online public poll before Thomas Zurbuchen, associate administrator of NASA’s Science Mission Directorate, made the final selection. . . .

Grinning ear to ear. . . . all while looking back exactly five, to a more somber time — this weekend. Still a full life, indeed. And back six. . . a great week; while looking back seven, four, three, one and two: MIA. But smiling, just the same.


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