Ninth Circuit Update — In Flores — Oral Argument Set For April 23, If Mediation Is Fruitless [And It Will Be].

Team Trump has uniformly refused to be. . . reasonable. They sought to disqualify this panel of the Ninth Circuit. That bid has failed.

And it is highly unlikely that team will come to a reasonable accomodation, with the ACLU, on processes for promptly releasing border detainees. So prepare for oral argument — in late April.

. . . .Appellants’ renewed motion to set the case for oral argument is granted and the motion to set the case before a different panel is denied. . . .

Oral argument will take place on Thursday, April 23, 2020, at 2:00 p.m. in San Francisco, California.

The court has referred this case to the Mediation Unit to explore mediation.

In the event a resolution is reached, the case will be removed from the calendar; argument will not be postponed otherwise, barring exceptional circumstances. . . .

The stain on Trump’s time in office — from these crimes against humanity — will be recorded, in eternity, by historians. But these events will also be stains on operatives of the Republican Party — those in a position to reign him in — who’ve done nothing to save. . . vulnerable children and powerless adults, alike.



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