In A Few Days, Eight Long Years Will Have Passed — And He Would Have Been 25, Two Weeks Ago.

I had fully intended to let this tragedy be remembered. . . only via. . . a vow of silence.

But ever the vexatious litigant [he similarly sued others, including Trayvon’s mother, in late 2019 — and lost], it seems Zimm has hired a wing-nut to sue two current Democratic Presidential candidates. . . for libel, as of yesterday, in crazy Florida. My opinion?

Preposterous, as neither candidate’s tweet mentions so much as Zimm’s name, or anything really, of Zimm’s identity. Both simply remember that young Trayvon lost. . . his life. And to varying degrees, the tweets [clearly about “matters of substantial public concern“] decry the twin stains of gun violence, and racism — that remain, to this day, in America. [It is important to mention here that even though I think George is a racist, one need not think that of George — to tweet what was tweeted. Afterall, it was plain to all of us watching it closely that the jury and judge in Florida were also at fault for his acquittal. And that is institutional. . . racism, in action.]

So. . . “when the things that go ‘bump’ in the night, bump — I am the thing that bumps. . . back“.

I’ll use both his name and his image, as I repeatedly have, since not long after he was stunningly acquitted. I’m right here. . . Yep — c’mon man. I’m calling you. . . out.

Even so, make no mistake — like all his other suits, this offensively clueless one will be laughed right out of court. Even in Florida, where the “Florida man” meme runs. . . amok. [He may have been the original inspiration for most of the early days of that meme: dumb crooks. And he is a formerly convicted. . . decidely dumb (stalking one of his exes) crook.]

Be excellent to one another — just as Trayvon would have wanted you to be, had he lived on, to full adulthood. . . .


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