Prediction? All Free Trade Transition Periods Will Extend Deep Into 2021, On “The Invisible Brexit”.

Welp — so much for calling it a “hard” Brexit (it is now two weeks old; my prior backgrounder — one of dozens). And it still remains a distinct [if minority] possibility that a future vote undoes it all, if/when it becomes clear that the divorce negotiations are just too tough, on all sides. . . .

All the people in a position to know agree that it will be years before anything really of substance. . . changes, for the average person on the streets of London, Rome or Paris.

Here’s a bit from this morning’s The Guardian reporting:

. . . .Speaking at the Munich security forum, he added it would be tough for Britain to achieve its aim of a free trade deal by the end of the year given the differences between the two sides. . . .

He added that on his desk in his office he had massive files showing the issues of contention between the UK and France, including over fishing rights. He said it was normal in negotiations for each side to protect their interests.

Britain formally left the EU two weeks ago but still trades as a full member during the one-year transition period. . . .

Now you know — onward, grinning. . . ever grinning.


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