[U Friday] And… In Related News — Bill Barr Will Now Move To Free All The “Endlessly Detained” People In ICE Custody.

Yes, folks, Messrs. Barr and Trump think Roger Stone is too frail to handle a seven to nine year sentence.

Updated — on the saint’s Friday morning: Trump tweeted that he has a “legal right” to intervene in DoJ criminal cases. That is plainly incorrect. He may only pardon or commute finally sentenced individuals. And he may then be both charged with crimes, himself, and impeached — for so pardoning or commuting — to save his own skin, in a criminal matter. That notion is. . . a world away from what he said. End update.

Barr wants a downward departure for Roger — for the same reason Trump does: they both know Roger [under all that bravado] is a wimp, and he will squeal, if held for what may amount to a life sentence — and given the abysmal health care inside federal facilities, that is a real possibility for Stone. [Trump cannot survive politically, if he pardons — or commutes — Stone.] And the able Judge Amy Berman Jackson will sentence him inside the guidelines.

So. . . in a show of his gracious and over-arching humanity, Mr. Barr just tonight announced the immediate release of all the border detainees who’ve reached the age of 65.

Nope. That’s just. . . some snark. Mr. Barr clearly lacks a sense of irony — or humility, in truth.

He and Trump just think they are gods — not men.

And they know Roger will [consistent with his prior threats] bury Trump’s 2020 chances if he gets a substantial sentence — the one the law says he deserves.

Stone’s convicted offenses scored the same as Martin Shkreli’s, by the way, on the sentencing guidelines, according to the original government sentencing memo. We all know Martin won’t be released before late 2023 — having gone inside. . . in September 2017. Me? I think Judge Jackson will sentence Roger to at least five years, on the 20th. And he deserves every day of it. Onward.


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