Speed Merchant! At Almost 245,000 Miles An Hour… The Fastest Human Made Object, Ever: Parker

Overnight, Parker set new records. . . sprinting around that hot twisty black track — at around 68 miles per second(!) — and flawlessly completing its latest close approach to our home star.

Here’s a link to the latest from the team at NASA — and a bit:

. . . .At 4:37 a.m. EST on Jan. 29, 2020, NASA’s Parker Solar Probe broke speed and distance records as it completed its fourth close approach of the Sun. The spacecraft traveled 11.6 million miles from the Sun’s surface at perihelion, reaching a speed of 244,225 miles per hour. These achievements topple Parker Solar Probe’s own previous records for closest spacecraft to the Sun — previously about 15 million miles from the Sun’s surface — and fastest human-made object, before roughly 213,200 miles per hour.

Parker Solar Probe will continue to fly ever closer to the Sun on its seven-year journey, exploring regions of space never visited before and providing scientists with key measurements to help unveil the mysteries of the solar corona and wind. . . .

Now you know. Onward, grinning. . . the octogenarian — he has to be smiling too, tonight — fastest spacecraft, ever.


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