[Upated.] Y A W N. No Surprise. Trump’s People Are All… Drama Queens.

UPDATED: It seems Trump realizes — finally — that this nonsense. . . doesn’t help him. Meeting scheduled, to stop the below increasingly public, and always petty infighting. Me? I think it’s a feature — not a bug — in his maladministration.

But it is also a misnomer to suggest 45 has any coherent health care delivery policy, at all. End, update.

I’ve not mentioned it in any detail before, but I’ve watched with bemusement as Seema Verma’s boss at HHS has belittled her efforts, in front of Trump hisself and the Javanka entity, in numerous on- and off-camera meetings.

That boss of course is one Alex Azar, a long time climber and swamp snake, in DC. [He’ a former Eli Libby lobbyist, the guy that numerous experts hold most directly responsible for the obscene but entirely lawful price-gouging underway, on insulin in the US. . . . “deplorable“, that’s the word.]

And as we would expect, it is all just more evidence of endemic “junior high level clique” fighting and drama — inspired by incompetent, paranoid leadership [i.e., Trump himself]. From today’s Wall Street Journal [subs. req.], front page:

. . . .An internal review by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services into news stories critical of its administrator found that officials at CMS’s parent agency may have been the source of some leaks. . . .

I once thought Ms. Verma had the potential to be a solid future leader in US health care policy, if her Pence-ian roots could be trimmed — but it is now clear that her time in the Cheetolini’s mal-administration will be a permanent stain on her resume.

Unfortunate. Unfortunate, indeed. Trump destroys everything he comes in contact with — or perhaps he just brings out the worst in people, rather than the best. . . .


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