More Difficult News, On Ongoing Ebola Outbreak Arrest Efforts…

Just as the new case tallies are finally dwindling, violence has flared anew — suspending Doctors Without Borders’, and WHO’s, health-care work — and the ongoing efforts to arrest the latest flare up, in the DRC. This is simply. . . disheartening.

Here is a bit, from the WHO’s Director General:

. . . .Two attacks in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) have killed four workers responding to the Ebola outbreak and injured five others. The attacks occurred overnight on a shared living camp in Biakato Mines and an Ebola response coordination office in Mangina. . . .

“We are heartbroken that four people have died in the line of duty as they worked to save others from Ebola. We call on everyone who has a role to play to end this cycle of violence.” WHO Director-General Dr Tedros said. . . .

“Ebola in the Democratic Republic of the Congo was retreating. The two attacks that happened last night will give the outbreak force again. It is tragic that there will be more unnecessary suffering in communities that have already suffered so much. . . .”

Localized [as in hiking boots, on the ground] education, from trusted local sources — is the only real answer here. Onward.


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