Trump Says He And Azar Will “Save Florida Seniors” — By Re-Importing Drugs, From Non-US Vendors — Who Bought Them From… US Vendors. R I G H T.

I tweeted about this a bit ago, this mid-morning. So I’ll simply repeat that, here.

US pharmaceuticals companies may unilaterally, and immediately, declare that full US “list price” must be paid inside Canada and the EU [with an equally gigantic price rebate, also immediately delivered] — if the drugs are certified as finally used and consumed, in Canada or the EU.

A carrot, against Trump’s stick. Putting aside the question of a single state provision [and the resultant burdens on interstate commerce, and full faith and credit, as well as equal protection. . .], Trump simply lacks lawful authority to impose such a measure. Only new federal laws would allow this. Ones he won’t get from the GOP Senate. As we’ve intoned before, Trump cannot read. He just makes stuff up.

In sum, this latest one is little more than a “whimsical wisp of fluff” — practically speaking — it is just more Kabuki theater from Azar & Trump. He tweeted the below — referring I assume to US made pharmaceuticals, sold in Canada and the EU:

. . . .Sec. Azar and I will soon release a plan to let Florida and other States import prescription drugs that are MUCH CHEAPER than what we have now! Hard-working Americans don’t deserve to pay such high prices for the drugs they need. We are fighting DAILY to make sure this HAPPENS. . . .

Even Trump is not idiotic enough to let non-FDA approved Chinese alternates be sold in the US. Azar certainly would be the adult in that room. So as we said, this is D.O.A. Here is a bit from the four years prior version of the Tennessee experience along these lines. Forgive my reprint.

We have followed the Tennessee version of this unfortunate, and largely meaninglessly political intransigence, for at least six years here — so I’ll use it as an example once again. But similar examples likely exist in Mississippi, Arkansas, Florida and Georgia, as well.

The graphic at above right also depicts the “opportunity costs” of failing to fully-expand Medicaid in Tennessee. Click to enlarge it. At the bottom is a photo of the safety net hospital for the poor in Nashville, where there are also real out-of-pocket actual cash dollar losses occurring, as well. Over the last three years, the local Tennessee coffers have been affirmatively drained of $45 million (and $10 million of that just a week or so ago) in real cash flow, because the hospital system’s “safety net” is in dire need of basic support, and repairs — the lack of which are putting patient lives at risk.

In a derivative way, since Trump cannot pass such a law — we will see this “re-importation” fall silent / neutered. Yep — just silly pandering, for the low information Florida seniors — with whom this clap trap will resonate. Ugh.

Onward, with a Friday afternoon grin.


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