[Bumped.] Y A W N. As Expected, “Brexiteer Boris” Fails, Anew…

BUMPED: Boris seeks December 11 snap election; deal fails. . . No hard exit. EU Commission will grant UK a delay, on its final decision. Likely a new referendum in late 2020. . . . Prediction: no Brexit, before 2023, if ever. End 10.24.2019 update.

We continue to see [as we’ve long prog- nosticated] the earliest possible date of any negotiated Brexit. . . as falling in mid-2021.

But we also continue to think it equally likely that a second referendum ends up with a “Remain” verdict — and no Brexit ever occurs. [Thus we’ve updated our stock graphic, on this fine fall Sunday morning. Grin.] In any event, here’s the latest, just as we’ve long guessed — from CNBC, this time:

. . . .Brussels could offer a technical extension of a few weeks in the hope of passing the agreement they recently thrashed out with Johnson. Or they could accept what Johnson was obliged to ask for on Saturday night and push the date back to January 31, opening the door to a U.K. general election — which itself could lead to a renegotiation or a second referendum.

They could also push it out until June 2020 when the next cycle of EU budgets begins, but this is seen as unlikely with the Brexit fatigue that has set in across the whole of Europe. . . .

Again, now you know. I do love that Boris is [like Trump] getting his head handed to him, on the regular — since summer. He is so like Trump — only just marginally smarter, and thus marginally less likely to get. . . caught. Mountain bikes. . . beckon, by the lake. I’m out.


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