Good News Needed: But I Need Go “Off-World” To Get It. On Mars, We Are Reaching New Drilling Depths…

After a six month study period, the smart people of NASA’s JPL [and German engineering partner team DLR] devised a plan to pin the hammering head, against the wall of the drill-hole. The gambit of pushing the lander’s robotic scoop arm against the drilling hammer case has apparently worked. It pinned the head into the hole, and the mole is once again making progress toward the desired five meter drilling depth. It is now deeper than it has ever been.

Yep. The Insight hammer-head “work-around” seems to be working. We are making progress, as miners, on Barsoom.

So, that’s decidedly good news. Ever onward, even if sorta’ slowly — to five meters deep. NASA’s latest transmitted images — as a movie:


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