Too Soon, Too Soon: The Good Die… Young

We are all mourning the loss of an American civil rights treasure, this morning. I will recount only one small (mostly unknown) facet of his time on the planet — others will no doubt ably cover the more public ones.

His parents were not afforded any privileges — and thus, in the 1930s and ’40s of America. . . received little formal education. As an elementary school kid in the ’50s, he had been placed in what we now call the special needs classroom.

And. Yet. He. Persisted.

In fact, just the same, he went on to graduate from Howard, and the University of Maryland Law School, and pass the Maryland and DC bars. Of it, he always privately said. . . it simply meant he’d have to “try just a little bit harder” than the next kid. And so. . . he did.

The notion that Trump offers “warmest condolences” [can someone please explain to Trump that his neologism is. . . insulting to people who suffer real, not imagined losses?] to the family, after his all-summer-long racism-laced tweet attacks, on Rep. Cumming’s character — and the City of Baltimore, more widely. . . is deeply disturbing to me.

I hope the family will speak about it, at some point — we need their voices — and we need to move forward, in peace, pride and. . . power — in his name. His work is far from finished. Onward.


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