Sunday Sunshine Edition: Merck’s Keytruda® Soon To Be The Best Selling Drug On Earth…

First — to be sure, the market for immuno oncology agents is so vast, that BMS’s Opdivo® [and all the others that show efficacy] will show multiple billions of dollars in sales per year — over the same time frame, as well.

However, as the below indicates — pembrolizumab will. . . reign supreme. And this is a reminder of just how stellar Merck has become, a decade on — since the days of the 2009 Schering-Plough yard sale. I’ve scarcely written a reproachful word on the topic, in over a year. Add to that, that Merck’s chairman was a lone first voice to stand up to Trump’s open Charlottesville racism, and this is a company to be admired, as world class — across all industries again [as it was in the 1970s and 1980s].

Here’s a bit, from Forbes, on Friday:

. . . .Keytruda will be the best-selling drug in the world by 2023, according to a report on Friday from the research firm GlobalData.

GlobalData projected annual sales of Keytruda to hit $22.2 billion by 2025.

“Emerging as an effective treatment for a range of cancers, Keytruda has developed into Merck & Co’s biggest product,” GlobalData pharma analyst Keshalini Sabaratnam said in a statement. . . .

Congrats go out to Mr. Frazier, and the team. Truly well-deserved. A model for American multi-nationals, indeed. Onward, to a mountain bike ride by the lake. . . .


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