This Is All Becoming A… Poorly-Rendered Fellini Film [Malevolent Version] Parody…

I gather the new GOP “defense to impeachment” theory is going to be. . . commit the felonies — on tape — right in the open.

Simply, “shoot the cannon on Fifth Avenue, cameras rolling.” Insane.

And then, dare anyone to complain.

Might work in Russia [or previously, in China]. . . . Would work, in North Korea. But. . . won’t work, here.

This morning, as widely reported, Trump just sought the favor of China’s President Xi [after congratulating him on Monday, on a 70 year brutal regime — with over a million Muslims still being held in concentration camps!] — all to get at Biden [with debunked accusations], and all. . . on camera.

The quid pro quo is [obviously] a cessation of the insane trade war / tariffs Trump has decreed against China. Oh, and just for fun — he threw in the Ukraine, as a bonus.

I M P E A C H.


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