Trump Forces Taxpayers To Pay $6.6 Million In Legal Fees, For Unlawful Census Question (So Far).

Buzzfeed reports this morning that another order forcing US taxpayers to pay millions in prevailing opponents’ legal fees has been entered, this time in the federal district courts in Maryland — due to the racist and lawless attempt to place a citizenship question inside the 2020 Census.

By the way, in the eight years of 44’s Presidency, we the people never paid a dime in legal fees, for positions taken by his administration that were not supported by existing law, in good faith. In under three years, Trump has racked up at least (by my informal count) $30 million in such charges — on our dime — and growing. Ugh.
These people — Wilbur Ross plainly included, here — are no more than a loosely-knit cadre of wildly inept crooks.

Indeed — here’s the latest — we the people will foot Trump’s bar tab, on this… do go read it all:

. . .The total amount of money the Trump administration will owe after dropping the fight over the citizenship question this summer is expected to grow. The Justice Department is still negotiating over how much it should pay in legal fees to the state of California and other west coast challengers. Last week, the lawyers asked for more time to try to reach a deal; if they can’t agree, the challengers are due to file their demands for fees with the court by Oct. 11. . . .

Now you know; onward — out to walk toward the trains, on a lovely morning. It is a bright, tepidly warm and sunny first of October here. . . . Grin.


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