Lacking Veto-Proof Majority In Senate, Border Wall Funding Outcome Now In Hands Of The Courts…

Once again, both the US House (under Democratic control), AND the US Senate (GOP controlled) have voted to cut off funding for any emergency border wall spending by Trump. Yes, that my friends, is the will of the people, speaking — openly, to Trump.

The problem is that the Senate’s measure falls short of a veto proof majority. So, we will now place our faith in the federal appellate courts, out West. I’ll re-post, as a reminder, the latest Ninth Circuit brief in that litigation.

Here is the Washington Post story, overnight.

. . . .The resolution passed the GOP-controlled chamber Wednesday with eleven Republicans voting yes and was likely to sail through the Democratic-controlled House, but it fell short of a veto-proof majority.

After Congress passed a similar resolution in March to cancel the national emergency, Mr. Trump vetoed it. . . .

This is what a wanna-be dictator looks like. Impeach and remove, already. Onward — into the time warped sunshine. . . .


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