I Am Proud Of My Mayor: Speaking Truths — To New ICE Director Of Chicago Office, Here…

We have discussed Chicago’s welcoming ordinance here, before. This has been our view, since the early 1980s — it is our law; it is our way. We encourage people, with or without papers, to report crime. To remain safe.

We welcome them. Not so, Trump’s ICE. He has a new director here; we will teach him about “the Chicago way“. He will learn. He can be. . . taught. And soon enough, now, Trump will be gone — as will he be. Here’s a bit tonight, from the Trib reporting:

. . . .“I would prefer to make my arrests inside the secure confines of a county jail as opposed to out in the community, out in a public space like a pizzeria or like a home or like a place of business,” [new Chicago Office ICE Director] Guadian told reporters. “My preference, and for safety purposes for my officers and the public at large, is to make those arrests inside the confines of a county jail.”

But outside of ICE’s Chicago office, [Chicago Mayor] Lightfoot appeared with a group of immigration activists and called Guadian’s criticism of the city’s sanctuary ordinance “nonsense.”

“Of course we know that we’ve hurt (ICE agents) and hurt their ability to do their job here in the city, but so be it,” Lightfoot told the crowd of protesters who gathered around her. “That’s the point.”

Chicago’s sanctuary city ordinance bars police from giving federal ICE officials access to people in local custody. Among other things, it also prohibits on-duty police officers from talking with ICE officials before a person’s release, or allowing ICE agents to use local police facilities for investigations or interviews. . . .

Now you know. We have, and shall ever. . . resist.


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