Some Smallish Good News: Trump’s DoD Is “Out Of Money” For Three Proposed Wall Sections…

Yesterday, in the federal district courthouse in DC (in a case we have not been following), Trump’s Department of Defense operatives advised the court that they would no longer be seeking authority to build three additional sections of the wall, along the southwestern border.

Earlier in this year, DoD tasked lawyers had told the court that they expected that “cost savings” from an initial section of wall, in the contracting process — would allow DoD to build up to three additional sections of Trump’s “AdderWall®“.

Uh huh. Not to go all H.L. Mencken here — but when has it ever been true, in defense contracting — that one might buy three, for the price of one, due to “contracting efficiencies“?! Um. . . never.

In any event, the DoD now agrees that for these sections of the wall, they are flat “out of money” — after only one section was contracted for.

And. . . onward, with a sardonic grin, here.


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