Of The Supremes, On East Bay III: “It’s Complicated.” And New Status On Ms. L.: 986 MORE Children

I will address the Supremes’ grant of a temporary stay in East Bay III, to Trump, in due course — but suffice it to say that the case is still pending before the Ninth Circuit — and briefs are due there, Friday, and again on Monday. That litigation [and the appeals] are far from over, despite the moronic Trump tweets tonight. In sum: The Supremes’ order is. . . temporary only.

Even so, the watchword (for now) is not to cross — unless you can clearly avoid detection, but if you do get caught, immediately claim asylum, and assert a credible fear of refoulement.

Now, on Ms. L. settlement implementation — the status report from today is here; the hearing on it is in a week. But there may be yet another 2,200 children — to be taken into account. We know of 986 new ones, as of tonight — just since the end of August.

. . . .Commander White’s declaration further suggested that the seven remaining lists generated by HHS contained names of up to 2,200 additional children of expanded class members that required interagency review. . . .

This. Is. Appalling. But. . . Onward. Ever. . . onward.


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