SNARK: Good Thing Dotard Donnie Only Wants “Best And Brightest” Student Immigrant Visas Granted.

I simply am. . . fresh out of superlatives, for this Trumpian. . . crippling cruelty — coupled to self-damaging national lunacy.

A great kid, by all accounts, at the top of his class in Lebanon — a true standout, arrives at Logan with a “golden ticket” — an admission to Harvard, and a competed and issued student visa. [Say his name: Ismail B. Ajjawi.]

Trump’s team of goons question him for eight hours about his religion, while searching his laptop and phone — and then, based on a few postings by some of his social media contacts [i.e., not his own postings], deport him, revoking his visa.

Trump is literally knee-capping this country’s lead in the sciences — in addition to violating the oath of his office, and the promise of the Lady in the Harbor.


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