Trump Has Asked The Supremes To “Step In The Middle” Of East Bay III — Before The Dispute Is “Ripe”.

In addition to being burdened by 43 pages of supposed “emergency” gibberish, Justice Kagan [as the initial screen for emergencies out of the Ninth Circuit] will have to think about the fact that in only two and a half years, Trump has asked for three times as many emergency interventions from the Supremes, as all of the last 16 years, COMBINED.

That’s eight years each, from Mr. Bush 43’s, and Mr. Obama’s administrations. Yes, I am suggesting that Trump is abusing the All Writs Act. So. . . Trump is on a pace to file 48 times as many such “emergencies” with the Supremes, as any SINGLE prior administration, in this, the new millennium.

But of course — because Trump cannot think even two moves ahead, in simple checkers (let alone the chess of rulemaking litigation). . . he is forever calling everything he loses. . . an emergency.

The only emergency. . . is that he seeks to violate long standing law.

And so, on an on it will go — my condolences to Justice Kagan [who must wade through this nonsense filing, on summer recess] — but I won’t yet hazard a guess as to whether she will simply dismiss it out of hand, or seek a conference, with the other Justices, before doing so. The right answer here. . . is to first let the suit ripen into a complete record below, in the trial court, in Oakland, as we’ve been covering it, right along [and in the Ninth Circuit, before it reaches the esteemed court of last resort].



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