Lest We Be Misunderstood, Here: Trump Acting Alone Cannot “Order Any US Private Industry” To Do… Anything, Really.

On Friday, Trump preposterously tried to “order” US businesses to quit China. The Dow fell 700 points in response. And that wasn’t so much because of what he said — as it was that Wall Street finally realizes. . . this guy can’t even figure out how to. . . “preznit“, to save himself. To save his and his daughter’s own businesses.

Belatedly, Trump said a 1977 Act allows him to order US private industry out of China. False: (i) he must consult with both Houses of Congress first, under the 1977 Act; and (ii) more pointedly, there must be an international military-level emergency.

Neither one of the pre-conditions have been met, even in a laughing way. So, again — he rage tweets. . . with impotence. And my new masthead reminds us. . . that most of Ivanka’s fashion lines, and most of Trump’s red “MAGA” hats. . . are in fact, made in China.

The level of sophistry here is. . . staggering. And no, I am not endorsing Trump’s hats — or Ivanka’s trashing-ista fashions. Do not go buy them. They are imaged above, and at right — for the pure irony of it all.

Onward, for a lake bike ride now. Out.


2 Responses

  1. The futures are pointing to another rough one tomorrow.

    • Indeed!

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