In Ms. L. Class Action, In San Diego — The Status Update Hearing Resulted In An Explicit Order, Binding Trump’s Minion.

Clearly, the foot-dragging is being viewed with increasing skepticism — by the able Judge Sabraw. This afternoon, he clearly asked why the government is late, again, in identifying the additional members of the class — potentially as many as 32,000 additional children. And then, he ordered written under oath answers from Team Trump by August 30.

Thus far, Commander White has only identified another about one thousand or so (over and above the original about 3,000). Here is the latest, from the as filed two page PDF order:

. . . .On or before August 30, 2019, Commander White shall file a short declaration setting out the status of the remaining two packets of information concerning the expanded class. Defense counsel shall also make arrangements for Commander White to be available during the next status conference. . . .

On or before August 30, 2019, Defendants shall produce any and all government protocols, standards, checklists, etc. concerning the separation of families at the border and/or standards applicable to family detention centers. Counsel shall meet and confer on an appropriate protective order for these documents so they may be produced to both counsel and the Court. . . .

Clearly, things are heating up in California — four orders, in under two elapsed days. And all but one of them an impending victory for the cause of human rights — and humanity. The one remaining is at least partially favorable, despite its largely incoherent “logic”. It was the last one we discussed this afternoon, below. Onward.


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