It Pains Me To Say So, But Trump Probably Possesses This Power: “Public Charge” DQs Green Card…

Starkly unlike literally any other measure Trump has proposed by rule, related to the US immigration or asylum processes and policy. . . based only upon my “quick read through” — of its about 450 pages. . . I think Trump possesses the structural power to deny green cards to people who become public charges [as opposed to those merely “likely” to so become].

I think this “policy approach” is, in almost every respect, ill-considered. But I do think he possesses the Article II authority to promulgate it — and more importantly. . . enforce it.

As I get more free time(?!), I’ll look more closely, at it — for “glitches”.

But I think we should be prepared for the idea that it may be “the new normal” — at least until November 2020.

Onward, in any event. In the mean time, do take the time [per my graphic at right, if you haven’t, previously] to see “Gangs of New York” on cable or Netflix — the embedded allegorical lessons were clearly never learned by Donnie Dotard. Apologies to the creators of that fine piece of art, especially Daniel Day Lewis (as Bill the Butcher) and Leonardo DiCaprio.

This is not the vision of America any real native New Yorker [or right-thinking American] wants. . . .


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