[U: ACLU Brief Filed] In East Bay III, Trump Seeks ANOTHER Ninth Circuit Appeal — From His THREE Losses, Below.

UPDATED: Here is the very cogent plaintiffs’ Ninth Circuit brief saying Trump shouldn’t be able to toss up unlimited interim appeals. End update.

Before we get to the East Bay III briefing schedule update, proper. . . let me mention that — as was the case this very morning, if 45 cannot be bothered — to get the name of the city down right [he said Toledo, not Dayton], in expressing “thoughts and prayers“. . . we should all be duly skeptical that he means even one word of what he says about denouncing the white supremacists. The KKK was, is and remains a. . . “feature“, not a bug — in his version of GOP party “base” voters.

Now. . . after his sound thrashings / losses last week — he’s asking for a “do-over“, in the Ninth Circuit. Here’s the Ninth’s response this morning, as convened in San Francisco:

. . . .Before: TASHIMA, M. SMITH, and BENNETT, Circuit Judges.

The court has received [Trump’s] “Emergency Motion Under Circuit Rule 27-3 For Administrative Stay and Motion for Stay Pending Appeal.” The request for an immediate administrative stay is denied.

The opposition to the emergency motion for a stay pending appeal is due by Monday, August 5, 2019. The optional reply in support of the emergency motion is due on Tuesday, August 6, 2019. . . .

Now you know. So — we will have a highly-likely cogent ACLU brief by tonight, linked right here. And. . . Team Doofus’, by. . . tomorrow night.



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  1. Is that you, at 2:58 pm, once, in Johnson City [will be redacted]? Smile…

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