[U] A Pair Of Developments, In Immigrants’ Rights / Asylum / Border Wall Cases… New Brief — Tomorrow.

The Wa Po and the networks are now covering this 218 page Memo of Law in the Ms. L. case settlement — which indicates that AFTER the court order prohibiting it, DHS, ICE and Team Trump continued to separate an additional over 900 children from parents, at the border.

This is [in my opinion] solidly into contempt of court territory. We will see what the able Judge Sabraw decides to do, by way of further enforcement orders, related to the injunction he entered last year. But this sort of willful thwarting of a clear federal court order cannot go unpunished. These are. . . babies, afterall. End, updated portion.

Meanwhile, in the Sierra Club v. Trump case: it is pending once again, in the Ninth Circuit, after the Supremes’ order of last Friday night — and now a motion decision / hearing will occur by end of day, Pacific on August 2.

Here’s the bit — do stay tuned, right here:

. . . .Plaintiffs shall file their response to the [47] motion for a stay pending appeal by 12:00 p.m. on July 31, 2019. The Court will then take the matter under submission. The Court intends to rule on the motion for a stay by 12:00 p.m. on August 2, 2019. . . .

And separately, in the Ms. L. class action settlement — as to those 21 parents seeking the right to return to retrieve their OWN children — and be accorded due process, as to their parental rights. . . we have a supplemental briefing order, from the able Judge Sabraw — today.

We will keep track of these deadlines — and briefs — and report, as more responsive papers are filed.

Onward — as Trump tells a bevy of new and preposterous lies, in Virginia today. He is being boycotted by black and brown state legislators there — and being quite-righteously heckled, as he speaks. All live, on CSPAN. I’ll take it.


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