[Space Science Sunday] JAXA Sticks A Perfect Ryugu “Bounce” [Onto An Asteroid] — Collects A Return Sample…

On this Sunday, we are using Twitter to defend Elijah Cummings, and the fine people of Baltimore — from a now two day onslaught, from a true “enemy” of the people — not foreign, but sadly. . . domestic. An enemy at 1600 Pennsylvania.

An enemy looking to distract the nation — from the vise-grip like walls of justice –now closing in, around him.

Thankfully, we have some lighter, more uplifting and positive [if off-planet] fare — this Sunday. JAXA has shown NASA, ESA and the world “how it is done” — when landing on a micro-gravity asteriod called Ryugu — to collect some interior samples [by pogo-sticking an explosive charge], and bouncing gently back into orbit. Astonishingly perfect. . . space engineering: just as planned. The samples will return in a few years — long, elliptical return orbit, at that. Do enjoy:

Onward — be excellent to one another — and ignore the dotard. He is one of a dying breed. . . of racists.


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