[U: Amended Motion] “Creative Differences”!? On Trump’s [Stupid] Census Reality TV Legal Team?!

If he wasn’t a reality TV moron before, he certainly is now [among many other — more nefarious — things].

He has apparently ordered AG Barr1 to. . . “swap out the entire cast” [which motion, after objection by the plaintiffs, about prejudice to their case and inefficiencies occasioned by the swap-out, was amended later tonight, here] — for the next season of “Stupid Census Questions” — Maryland and New York editions.

Variety has it as the eternal “creative differences.” [Because of how surreal this all is — I need to label the foregoing. . . as. . . snark.]

Me? I suspect it is best explained by the old joke about lab rats, and lawyers: there are some things “even. . . lab rats won’t do.” [So. . . he gets new lawyers.]

Seriously, I think it true — I do suspect telling a federal judge [on the Friday after July 4] that the US government is, as an official position, looking to come up with a “new rationale,” for an unlawful question — one dripping of racial animus — is the bridge too far for even the rabidly partisan old DoJ lawyers, now cut loose. [All of this in the face of a contrary command, in the US Constitution, at Art. I, Section 2, Clause 3. It speaks of counting free persons, not only citizens — and delegates that duty to the Congress, not the President.]

These lawyers will need jobs in the private sector, some day — and they’ll need to keep their law licenses, to get those jobs.

O N W A R D.

Utterly. . . disgusting.


1. I’ve made light here of what can fairly only be called an astonishingly inept legal stratagem. The “idea” is that this team would essentially tell the judge “we are resigning en mass, mid trial, since our client’s earlier lies have been discovered” — and our solution — rather than suborning perjury ourselves, will be to bring in new lawyers, ones ignorant of our client’s earlier deceptions. Oh, and by the way, AG Barr has now said he thinks Trump may add the unlawful question, by executive order, despite the SCOTUS having said otherwise, just a week and a half ago. . . All of which is to skirt very near contempt of court — by the involved lawyers, to be clear.

That is, Bill Barr as well as all these lawyers are, in my opinion, flirting with losing their licenses. Insane.


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