[U: Supplemental Briefs Filed] Trump’s Dopey, Hapless “Wall” Lawyers Filed A Notice Of Appeal, In Oakland, Already: On A Saturday…

UPDATED | 07.01.2019 @ 3 PM EDT: As promised, here is the supplemental brief from the Sierra Club [in the Ninth Circuit]. It correctly states the law. [Here is Trump’sit is wrong, on the law. Preposterously, Trump argues that the slush fund transfer is not a final action, and as such, cannot be challenged. But here in the Ninth Circuit, in a deeply puzzling fashion, Trump argues the injunctions allow him to seek a final and appeal-worthy stay. . . that’s crazy, on its face.] Now you know. End update.

Well, I suspect the Donald’s undies. . . are in a bit of a bunch, over this. On Friday night, the permanent injunction was ordered, against using DoD slush funds, for the insane border wall — in the federal trial courts, out of Oakland.

By Saturday night, his lawyers had already appealed that injunction, to the Ninth Circuit — even though all these same issues are already there, on appeal, as we have noted, last week — from another challenge, to the preliminary injunction. . . . [where supplemental briefings have been ordered. We expect those Monday. Done next week.]

. . . .NOTICE OF APPEAL to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals filed by Department of Defense, David Bernhardt, Mark T. Esper, Steven T. Mnuchin, Kirstjen M. Nielsen, Patrick M. Shanahan, Richard V. Spencer, Donald J. Trump, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Department of the Interior, U.S. Department of the Treasury, United States of America. Appeal of Judgment[186], Order on Motion for Partial Summary Judgment. . . . Filed June 29, 2019. . . .

Again, Trump will lose. As ever. He just doesn’t possess the power he imagines. Which explains his grovelling before murderous dictators — he wishes he had their. . . dark powers. Earlier it was Russia — yesterday, it was North Korea; he is a lost soul. And Fox credulously asks this morning if his “North Korea strategy” [?!] will win him a. . . Nobel. Sickeningly sad sycophants, all of them. . . Tucker Carlson goes on to say today “you cannot lead a country without killing people.”

I am sorry to say, I don’t doubt. . . he believes that. And he feels Trump is perfectly cool, so long as it is ony brown people he is killing, day by day, at the border. Deplorable.


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