Ahem. Oral Argument — On Martin Shkreli’s Three Count Felony Securities Fraud Appeals — Didn’t Go Very Well For Him, This Morning…

We have covered this criminal securities fraud case in depth, at another property, since late 2015 — but since this likely is the last of his post-trial proceedings, proper. . . we will cross post it here. His bid to get out early, likely just fell. . . on stone-deaf ears.

The 24 minute oral argument audio file, from the Second Circuit, this very morning, sounds as though there is essentially no chance of anything other than “convictions, affirmed.” At best, he will be a free man, in late 2023. He will be 40 years old, by then.

If you’d like to, you may take a look at the able AUSAs’ brief — and his [linked here].

So it goes. Namaste, to all of good will. Great weekend ahead with daughter’s book deal celebration. . . smiling widely.


2 Responses

  1. Do you plan on doing a wrap up of the Propecia MDL and what happened ?
    I am sure you are aware that it did not go well for the plaintiffs. Merck won this. Just wondering how they were able to pull it off.

    • Hey Kevin —

      I’m sorry you didn’t see this one of mine.

      It is true that only small amounts are being paid out — but it is also true that some are suing in their own name, individually. We likely won’t be able to cover those, as many may not take place in the federal courts. [No electronic dockets.]

      At least some will remain in federal court, in Brooklyn [also as we previously reported] — but that is really only a handful.

      So. . . that link is about he end of it, for us.

      So also read Merck’s SEC Forms 10-Q, from time to time, in the Litigation section — they mey track the outcome of any individual suits that win a verdict. We shall see, and. . . Namaste.

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