Next Steps, To Get The NASA JPL Mars InSight “Mole” Mining Again…

As we promised just exactly a month ago, when “more was known, we would update” — on the remote Martian remediation plans — to begin drilling again.

This dawn is that day. The below video is an excellently digestible explainer. So without much more ado, we will refer you to it, which is a link, to YouTube, from NASA’s press release of last night:

. . . .Scientists and engineers have a new plan for getting NASA InSight’s heat probe, also known as the “mole,” digging again on Mars. Part of an instrument called the Heat Flow and Physical Properties Package (HP3), the mole is a self-hammering spike designed to dig as much as 16 feet (5 meters) below the surface and record temperature. . . .

The mole is thought to be skewed, at about a 20 degree angle off of true vertical, at the moment — perhaps due to loose Martian sand/soil conditions. . . .

NASA InSight scientist/engineer Troy Hudson gives us the game plan for getting the mission’s heat probe, also known as the “mole,” digging again on Mars. . . .

Now you know — luminous, yet clearer here at dawn, on Thursday — grinning, ear to ear. Be excellent to those you love — and even maybe those you. . . do not.


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