And Kenilworth Wins Expanded Approval For Zerbaxa®… Back To The Power Alley, For A Moment.

Longer term readers likely will remember our 2014 reporting on the acquisition of Cubist.

That deal is paying additional dividends for Mr. Frazier, overnight. Not unexpected — so the stock price may not move much, but good news — just the same. Here’s the bit, from Reuters — coupled to a legacy graphic of mine. [Backgrounder there.]

. . . .[US FDA just] approved expanded use of Merck & Co Inc’s antibiotic to treat hospital-acquired pneumonia in patients 18 years and older.

The approval is based on the treatment’s late-stage trial results, which showed that Merck’s drug, Zerbaxa, was as effective as another antibacterial drug.

Hospital-acquired pneumonia occurs in patients at least two to three days after being admitted or in those who are on mechanical breathing machines and have life-threatening lung infections with high mortality rates. . . .

Now you know. And, even though the US House Democrats’ lawsuit was dismissed (on standing grounds), the border wall remains enjoined in the Sierra Club related suit — where a bird sanctuary is threatened by Trump’s unlawful building plans. That too is all. . . very droll — as the Brits troll him in a myriad of ways, on his self-glorification tour in the UK.


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