More Daunting News From DRC: Closing In On 2,000 Ebola Cases… No Relief In Sight.

This is a near doubling of cases, just since January 2019. The trend-line is reversible, to be sure — but is heading in the wrong direction, for all the reasons below. This is the kind of story that falls off the global news radar, in tumultuous times. But we must not let that be so. We must continue to follow it closely, and make it a real priority — in public health / UN spending.

CIPRAP has it all, as of Friday — however, on Twitter, Helen Branswell reports another death, in violence against a burial worker, as of last night. So I ticked the CIDRAP violence death total up one, from four to five:

. . . .In its daily update yesterday, the DRC’s health ministry said nurses in Musienene health zone had a meeting yesterday to denounce death threats and destruction of health facilities over the past few days. The facilities were targeted over their participation in the Ebola response.

The nurses asked local authorities to take steps to tamp down the violent threats and said they will go on strike if the threats don’t stop.

Also, the ministry said targeted violence in Beni and Lubero has led several doctors and nurses to move or temporarily leave their homes, forcing some health facilities to close their doors. It added that the worst area is Kyondo health zone, where Kyakumba Reference Health Center has been closed since May 21 owing to physician and nursing staff fearing for their safety.

Since Aug 1, 132 attacks against medical units have been reported, which has resulted in 38 injuries and [5] deaths in health workers and patients, the ministry said. . . .

Separately, by Tuesday night, I’ll likely have offered some revised Brexit thoughts, given the Boris election junk in the UK. . . . enjoy a peaceful Memorial Day 2019, now, one and all.


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