[U] And… Trump’s Diversion Of Funds For His Adder-Wall® Is Enjoined…

I really don’t want to waste any more of a holiday weekend pointing out the obvious. Trump is again. . . a loser.

In two cases we’ve covered here, in the past — Trump has been enjoined, in both.

First, the wall (as we said) is no true emergency. So, his diversion of funds to build it was preliminarily enjoined Friday.

Separately, the purported ban on abortion (to go effective July 1, 2019) in Alabama has been enjoined the day after the ACLU brought suit. So it is stayed until all appeals are concluded. The able judge there opened his opinion with “here we go, again. . . .”

Updated — here is why he lost on the banking and accountants’ Congressional Subpoena matters: no president, acting alone, may repeal 2 U.S.C. § 192, simply by telling his bank to willfully violate federal law.

Similarly, no president may “insta-repeal” the Ethics in Government Act, the Congressional Budget and Impoundment Control Act of 1974, the War Powers Resolution, and the Independent Counsel Statute… all passed after Watergate — by his filing of a specious suit.

That was not a close call. Not even remotely close.

Finally, last night while decrying a former vice president of the United States as a “low IQ moron” (by tweet). . . Trump misspelled Mr. Biden’s last name. It is all of five characters long. BTW, he expressed approval of North Korea’s murdering dictator in the same tweet, seeming to prefer that dictator, over a prior US VP. Those are truly the ravings of a demented, bitter old man.


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