[U] Also No Surprise: Congress May [By Subpoena] Investigate The President’s Financial Wrongdoing — Ever Since 1860, And Pres. Buchanan…

UPDATED — later Monday night: As proof that the Universe has a keen sense of karmic justice, Trump’s already-filed appeal of the below order has been assigned tonight to. . . wait for it. . . an exceedingly able would-be, shoulda’-been Supreme Court Justice [but instead still an appeals court judge] — one Merrick Garland. Delicious. He will simply apply the law, and Trump will lose — but it will be sweet irony, just the same. End update.

Trump now has seven days, and then — unless the DC Circuit Court of Appeals [not likely], or the US Supreme Court [vanishingly unlikely], grants an emergency appeal to Trump — Trump’s accounting firm must turn over his records, from 2011 to date.

This is exactly as we predicted, from the able Judge Mehta, in DC. We are a nation of laws, not men. A bit, from the 41 pager, tonight:

. . . .On April 15, 2019, the Committee on Oversight and Reform of the House of Representatives issued a subpoena for records to Mazars USA LLP, a firm that has provided accounting services to President Trump. The subpoena called for Mazars to produce financial records and other documents relating to President Trump personally as well as various associated businesses and entities dating back to 2011. . . .

The decision to issue the subpoena came about after the President’s former lawyer and confidant, Michael Cohen, testified before the House Oversight Committee that the President routinely would alter the estimated value of his assets and liabilities on financial statements, depending on the purpose for which a statement was needed. For instance, Cohen said that the President provided inflated financial statements to a bank to obtain a loan to purchase a National Football League franchise. But when it came time to calculate his real estate taxes, the President would deflate the value of certain assets. To support his accusations, Cohen produced financial statements from 2011, 2012, and 2013, at least two of which were prepared by Mazars. . . .

The Committee also says that the records will assist in monitoring the President’s compliance with the Foreign Emoluments Clauses. These are facially valid legislative purposes, and it is not for the court to question whether the Committee’s actions are truly motivated by political considerations. Accordingly, the court will enter judgment in favor of the Oversight Committee. . . .

Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. Onward.


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