In Response To US Measles Outbreaks — Merck’s MMR Vaccine Production Runs Dialed Up…

This is just a quick Monday morning squib, to note that (likely at its Durham, NC facilities, and to a lesser extent at WestPoint, PA) Merck is increasing its scheduled runs of the three way vaccine combo which includes measles immunizers. The other two are. . . Mumps and Rubella.

In 2010, Merck stopped making a stand-alone measles vaccine, for the simple reason that kids are almost always given all three, and it is clearly more economic to provide one vial, one fill, and one shot — rather than three, three and three.

Here’s the bit, from, this morning:

. . . .Merck, the sole U.S. provider of the MMR vaccine, has “taken steps to increase U.S. supply” of the vaccine due to the current measles outbreak. Adults who were vaccinated against the virus decades ago may need a new dose depending on when they received the shot and their exposure risk, according to public health experts.

Anyone vaccinated between 1963 and 1989 would likely have received only one dose, with many people immunized in the earlier years receiving an inactivated version of the virus. . . .

Personally, I am. . . immune. For my part, I will not be re-upping, as I contracted them, as a lil’ kid — can’t get ’em again — and I was vaccinated — right before kindergarten.

Oh — and since it is Superhero Day here in the US, The above masthead makes mention of. . . mine — at least a dozen, plus all the best of NASA, below — and the original seven Mercury gents too. Onward, on a rainy Monday.


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