Comparing Pfizer, Merck And Amgen: Q1 2019 Lobby Spend & Trends…

As ever, we provide a quarterly tally of the lobby spend of three that most interest us, in the multinational public company life sciences sector, as 2019 First Quarter figures are now available at And we now have a four year trend line to display at right.

Pfizer continues to outspend the other two, even adjusting for its proportionately larger market cap. However, with Mr. Read’s transition away from the lead role there, I would expect the spend to tail off a bit, for the full year 2019. [We may already be seeing evidence of that, in the nearly half-million dollar decline, from 2018, in 2019 Q1.] And so, below is some of what Pfizer spent on, in the beginning of the year 2019:

. . . .Drug Pricing, Biosimilars, Drug Shortages, Out of Pocket Costs, Value Based Arrangements, Rebate Reform. . . .

Medicare Part D, Coverage Gap. . . .

Comprehensive Corporate Tax Reform, FY 2020 Appropriation Bills. . . .

Creates Act. . . .

U.S.- Japan Trade Negotiations, U.S.-E.U. Trade Negotiations, China Trade Negotiations, Canada IP/Trade Issues, APEC, OECD, NAFTA/USMCA, Brazil Trade, Chile IP/Trade, Argentina, PAC-DBIA, India Trade, Turkey Trade . . . .

Now you know. Net, net — Pfizer will be better served with ole’ Ian. . . gone. Onward to a warmer, (non snowing) Monday morning, then. . . . grinning.


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