Trump Filed A Suit Today, To Block Subpoenas From Congress… HILARITY ENSUES!

These subpoenas seek, among other things, Trump’s accountants’ financial records.

Trump’s lawyers. . . have most of the nation’s capable lawyers shaking their heads, in disbelief. Why?

The sole case they cite for the notion that the President cannot be compelled to have his agents turn these records over. . . is from 1880 (a case called Kilbourn v. Thompson). The age of it alone would make it suspect, since so many subsequent presidents have turned records over to Congress, under subpoenas. But wait, there’s more:

In fact, in 1927, the Justice pictured at right, Justice Willis Van Devanter, sitting as part of the Taft Court, expressly overruled the case Trump’s team places all its faith in. That subsequent case is called McGrain v. Daugherty 273 U.S. 135 (1927). . . .

I’ll not bore you with any of the inside baseball on law related to what might be executive privilege — other than to say it is clear Trump’s team has no good faith basis to bring the suit.

It is purely a specious delay tactic — nothing more. Onward, and good night. . . grinning, at the above gray ghosts — especially, Van Devanter — who (until tonight, at least) had been largely forgotten by history. . . .


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