Additional Sad News: “The Fire, This Time” In Butembo, DRC — Ebola Crisis Widens… Four Patients Missing.

In civil wars — of any kind, it is difficult to understand what turns brother against brother. Even so, these attacks on Ebola treatment facilities (now two in under four elapsed days, in two separate hotbed large cities). . . are both baffling, and mind-numbingly tragic.

In this latest attack, in Butembo, four of the confirmed infected with Ebola are now. . . missing. They fled the gunfire, and arson. And each of them is essentially. . . a lethal Typhoid Mary, in waiting.

Here’s the latest, via Voice of Africa:

. . . .The health ministry said in a statement that 38 suspected Ebola patients and 12 confirmed cases were in the center at the time of the attack. Four of the patients with confirmed cases fled and are being looked for, it said.

None of the patients who have been accounted for were injured, nor were any staff members, the ministry added.

French medical charity Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF), which runs the center together with the ministry, condemned the “deplorable attack” and said its efforts were focused on the immediate safety of patients and staff.

The attack in the city of Butembo was the second in Congo’s Ebola-hit east this week. On Sunday unidentified assailants set fire to a treatment center in the nearby town of Katwa, killing a nurse. . . .

Unfortunately, this 2019 DRC Ebola outbreak will now last longer, and be more deadly, as a result. What may be said of one man’s cruelty, to his fellow man? I am at a loss. . . utterly. Try to be kinder than you need to be, to everyone. . . today.


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