Japanese Space Agency JAXA: Resounding Successes, From Hayabusa-2 Asteroid Ryugu Touchdowns…

The September 2018 backgrounder I wrote on this mission appears here. The sooty space rock known formally as 162173 Ryugu belongs to a particularly primitive type of asteroid, and is therefore a relic left over from the early days of our Solar System. Studying it could us a offer deeper understanding — regarding the origin and evolution of our own planet.

The caption that appears with the below image, is from JAXA — showing a smudge, where H-2 touched down, then scooped a sample (we hope), and then. . . . bounced back up into an eventual departure orbit. Here’s the bit, and the image, after that:

. . . .From February 20 to 22, we conducted the touchdown operation (TD1-L8E1) of Hayabusa2 on the surface of asteroid Ryugu. Figure 1 shows an image taken with the Optical Navigation Camera – Wide angle (ONC-W1) during the spacecraft ascent after touchdown [click to enlarge]. . . .

Now we wait for the sample return, a few years hence. . . . Onward, as ever, with a wide grin.


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  1. Smiling at you — not two minutes ago… 2:38…

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