“In Which Mr. Shkreli Forgets Himself — He Is ‘In Prison’, Not ‘In Pharma’, Anymore…”

[This is cross posted from one of my other properties.] . . .Nor will he ever be. . . in pharma leadership, again. [There is some likely-by-now-tired joke — at the end of the above headline, in which an acidic H.L. Mencken type editor might observe that “the two venues / industries are separated by less width. . . than one of Trashy’s whiskers. . . .”

UPDATED: 02.26.2019 @ 9 AM EST: If you want to see how real pharma executives answer questions before Congress, go watch Kenneth Frazier of Merck — now testifying. Note especially that he avoids smirking — and avoids calling elected officials imbeciles, and more generally doesn’t tweet while the proceedings are underway. A low bar, I know — but there you have it. Oh. Well.]

No matter, from his FCI Ft. Dix jail bunk, Mr. Shkreli wondered as follows, over the weekend (I was going to leave it alone, but for other reasons, it has become relevant as evidence of his surrogates’.
. . access):

. . .Can you really have a drug pricing hearing without me? That’s fine. I’ll be out in about four two [Editor’s corrections] years and we can do it then.

Sanctimonious ignorance won’t be eliminated in politics anytime soon. . . .

I might also observe. . . nor will it be eliminated anytime soon, from. . . poseur multiple felony-convicted ex-pharma has-beens, like him.

Now, the only actual, animating reason I mentioned the above, here: I am becoming suspicious of his surrogates’ “access”. Or more precisely, the “means and methods” of. . . his access to his surrogates. Perhaps more on that, some day later this Spring.



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